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A small (and evolving) website about me and the work that I do.


14-Nov-2019: Just returned from the VTech Future Faculty Development program. It was a great experience, and a chance to see some of the ways in which diversification of academia supports the advancement of knowledge and enterprise.

26-Aug-2019: Website update! Reorganized my cv page so it's easier on the eyes and better for navigating. Part of an effort to revamp my publicly available information (why yes, there is a job market in my future...)

15-Aug-2019: Wrapping up a sequence of writing retreats, including putting together a bunch of conference proposals. We've also got a new website up for the RBIS project!

Upcoming travel and events:

  • Conference proposal deadlines for RUME (August 30)
  • Conference proposal deadlines for JMM (September 17)

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